Friday, September 26, 2014

Sean Falyon & Friends Pt. II

An epic show took place last night at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, Ga. This was my first time at this venue and the ambience is impeccable and so is the size for an intimate show. Sean Falyon did a great job choosing the talent and host, Maurice Garland, for this showcase. Each act added something different to the event making it a great experience. I wasn't able to capture each artist but those I did see were great! Follow @BSSOfficial on Instagram and @Thirty86 on Twitter to see raw footage of the performances.
Filmed by: @ItzILDuce

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Father of Awful Records Concert On Edgewood Atlanta

As I walked down Edgewood in Atlanta headed back to my car I hear what sounded like a concert going on but I wasn't sure where. I knew it had to be outside because I could hear the MC and the crowd loud and clear. I follow the sound to a building where there's a small crowd inside and I think "This obviously isn't it". I pass by the actual door once or twice because it was so small and in such a random location it's almost impossible not to miss it. Not until I walk by and see a couple guys hanging out do I assume this is the location so I walk in. There's a narrow hallway leading to a patio which leads to an open area in the back. I see a large crowd of hipsters and stoners turnin up to this new sound I'm unaware of! Of course I'm getting video footage but not until I ask a few people, "Who is this guy?", do I find out his name is Father of Awful Records and he's just shy of a national record deal. The music may take an open mind and some getting used to but I was thoroughly impressed by his performance and his supporters. Check him out above as he performs "Look At Wrist" which features iLoveMakkonnen and Key!

#NewMusic Aura- Clarification Produced By TriRandall

  Laid back vibe, cruising through the city whether it's evening or late night, play this new Aura "Clarification" to fit the mood. The delivery is smooth, non forced and flows with the beat produced by TriRandall. Aura's rhymes if you listen states when you don't grind you don't eat, the work you put in, the results will follow.

Artist: Aura 
Track: Clarification
Prod. By : TriRandall @TriRandall

Twitter: @Auragasum
Instagram: @Official_Aura

Monday, September 15, 2014

#BSSOfficial Inteview MicxSic Talks With Phene of High Off Life

MicxSic of Savage Fam and the official host of the next installment of #BSSOfficial sat down to chat with the York City sensation Phene. Phene is the newest addition to the #BSSOfficial line up but has his share of accolades. Find out more about Phene and see how he holds up in the #BSSOfficial Cypher coming soon! THE ULTIMATE ROOFTOP EXPERIENCE RETURNS on October 4th 7-10pm on the rooftop of Penthouse Studios in the beautiful downtown Atlanta. Log on to to day to RSVP!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Father of Awful Records Concert on Edgewood

#father #AwfulRecords #playboicarti #edgewood Video Coming Soon..