Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#NewMusic Rah Anthony- Baggage Claim @Rah_Anthony

San Antonio native Rah Anthony has stopped by to deliver his new hit Baggage Claim. This one definitely takes you to a different space, I could imagine how great it would be to hear it live! With an array of artist featured on the track he blends Hip-Hop and R&B and it tells a story of the ups and downs of a relationship. Can't we all relate? Check it out below and see if he's telling your story!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#NewMusic LDMP- Like Me @Devonkta @__M_P_

LDMP hails from St. Louis, MO and started with two original members, Louie D and Marco Polo, both 19 years old. The newest member is LDMP Edro a 17 yr old rapper from Richmond, IND. The group has done several local events to help build the community and they've dropped off to us their newest release, Like Me. Like Me is one of those confident, swaggeriffic songs that you turn up to before you head out into the city for the night! Check it out below!

#Video Killer Mike's Epic Reaction To Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

No words...

#NewMusic Tink- Tell The Children [Prod. By Timbaland]

“Tell the children ….. Keep running , running , running ”
One of the biggest questions that black parents today have is …. ” How Do I Explain This Situation To My Kids ?” , “What do you tell the children ?” …….
Keep running …….. Is Tink answer .
She’s using her voice …… She’s making sure y’all hear her …..

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fashion Faves via WellVersedLife

What is that VELVET??! Why yes , it is and we love it !!!! It’s perfect for the holiday season but we just love this look overall . It’s probably not on everyone’s fashion favs but you’ll see us in our velvet . Yup ! More below!

#NewMusic Tim Da ToolMan- Don't Even Want The Crown @TimDaToolman512

Tim Da Toolman is a native of Austin, Tx who's determined to be great! Starting at only 11 years old Tim was freestyling around school and before making it to high school he had a deal on the table. Passing on the deal due to fear of what his parents may think he decided to launch his own label, Tool Recordz, and signed eight different artists! Tim went on to work with artist such as Dizzy Wright, Bushwick Bill, Tum Tum, and more! Below we have his single Don't Even Want The Crown which showcases Tim's confidence and exuberance on a track! Experience it for yourself below!

#NewMusic Vonny- Canons @2Weird2Livee

Straight from Franklin Township/Somerset, New Jersey we have the 20 year old CEO OF #PSG, Vonny!  Vonny launched his own record company and now has a new single titled Canons produced by SwagBBeats. Go ahead and lend your ear to the young entrepreneur below!