Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#NewMusic JBlittzz- BDB @JBlittzz

JBlittzz comes to us with a background in music. Starting at the age of 8 learning classical and Jazz trumpet along with singing, learning guitar, and piano as the years continued. His influences include Ice-T, The Gza, ODB, Jedi Mind Tricks, Eric B and Rakim, to name a few and you can definitely hear the focus on lyricism in his music. He's put together a full project which he calls BDB. From the cover you may get the implications of intoxication and that sound is somewhat present in the opener Tables. It's relaxing to say the least and it's topped off with some lyricism derived from those influences mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, check it out for yourself below and drop us a line!

#ExclusiveInterview B.O.Y. [Miami, FL]

Here's a group on the brink of stardom as they prepare for their major label debut by serving the streets with a panty dropping anthem "F*cking You". B.O.Y. hails from South Miami, FL and was formed by multiplatinum producer Tony Galvin who believes they'll be the new generation Jodeci! The Thirty86 staff has caught up with two of the three for an exclusive interview! Get to know B.O.Y. and hear their new single below!

#NewMusic Treal City- I'm Not Comin Down @TrealCity

From the Leclare Courts Projects of southwest Chicago to being raised in Muskegon, MI. Treal City has seen his share of hardships yet he comes to us with a slew of music industry accolades. He's a promotor of major's and indies including the Aphilliates, So Icey/1017 BSM, and Mizay Ent for Waka Flocka. His resume of features is also extensive! Including names such as Max B, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Trick Trick, Yung LA, and more! Find out more about Treal City and check out his new mixtape Im Not Comin Down below!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

John Pimp- Look At Me Now @JohnPimpMusic

Jackson, MS signs in with John Pimp as the front man dropping off his new single "Look At Me Now". Pimp has quite the story to tell as he began as a member of duo rap group Quick 2 Blast which ended after his group member DJ MAAD was stabbed to death. These trials and tribulations lead him to creating his story to glory in his new single! Learn more about John Pimp and experience his music below!

#NewMusic Cholo- Party Rock @Cholosr2

Born in Defiance, Ohio and raised in the swamps of South Georgia comes Cholo! Cholo is of Mexican decent and has been recording music since 2006! He's quite the performer winning talent shows in Macon, Ga to winning the amateur Apollo in Selma, Alabama, and performing  several shows in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His latest release is a party anthem by the name of Party Rock. He can be seen below with a host of beautiful ladies having the time of their lives! Check it out below!

Monday, October 20, 2014

#NewMusic Eli Purks- Eli Purks EP

We're switching it up today with a unique R&B artist by the name of Eli Purks! Eli has a very unique sound in which he lays his smooth, baritone voice over some great production. Learn more about Eli and check out his EP below!

#NewMusic Podgy Smith- Time Capsule

Former No Limit Records producer Odell of Beats By The Pound/ Medicine Men fame introduce hipster rap artist Podgy Smith. The Atlanta resident originally from Little Rock, AR music puts listeners in the mind of a My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar. Get to know Podgy and take a listen to his new single "Time Capsule" below!