Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Father of Awful Records Concert On Edgewood Atlanta

As I walked down Edgewood in Atlanta headed back to my car I hear what sounded like a concert going on but I wasn't sure where. I knew it had to be outside because I could hear the MC and the crowd loud and clear. I follow the sound to a building where there's a small crowd inside and I think "This obviously isn't it". I pass by the actual door once or twice because it was so small and in such a random location it's almost impossible not to miss it. Not until I walk by and see a couple guys hanging out do I assume this is the location so I walk in. There's a narrow hallway leading to a patio which leads to an open area in the back. I see a large crowd of hipsters and stoners turnin up to this new sound I'm unaware of! Of course I'm getting video footage but not until I ask a few people, "Who is this guy?", do I find out his name is Father of Awful Records and he's just shy of a national record deal. The music may take an open mind and some getting used to but I was thoroughly impressed by his performance and his supporters. Check him out above as he performs "Look At Wrist" which features iLoveMakkonnen and Key!

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