Thursday, November 27, 2014

Brown Family Press Conference: The Fight Is Not Over

Al Sharpton led a press conference this afternoon after the grand jury announcement was released. The lawyer for the Brown family, Benjamin Crump stood with Sharpton as well as Attorney Grayand Michael Brown Sr. The two men spoke on behalf of the family and set the record straight on what will be done regarding Michael Brown’s case. More below!
Mr. Crump reminds the public how they were against the District Attorney leading this specific case. He says that the process was completely unfair and it is broken.
 This process should be indicted because of the systematic results that yield justice for black people.
One of his disappointments is the way the prosecutor handled the case.
 When was the prosecutor going to cross-examine Darren Wilson after  4-5 hours of testimony.
His testimony was released last night and many legal analyst are confused by the presentation ofevidence by the District Attorney.
Mr. Crump also says that Michael’s legacy will not be destroyed.
 We must strive to make a difference and not just make noise.
Al Sharpton says the appearance of the prosecutor’s demeanor made it clear why he had little faith in him.
 I have never seen a prosecutor hold a press conference to discredit the victim.
He is referring to the press conference St. Louis prosecutor,  Robert McCulloch held last night to read the grand jury’s decision.
Sharpton says that McCulloch methodically tried to discredit the witnesses used in the investigation. He says, there is still an investigation in process and those witnesses will be used. The Attorney General says the investigation is still ongoing. Sharpton also felt it was irresponsible to announce the decision at night.
Ferguson residents were angry after the decision was made public. And a few uncontrolled people took the protesting too far.
Michael Sr. was unable to speak at the conference, afraid that his words would be used to hurt him later.
Al Sharpton said that over 100 days many people of all different races marched peacefully and stood up for Michael Brown.
We may have lost the battle, but the fight is not over yet, says Al Sharpton. 
Crump says that they propose the Michael Brown Law that makes it mandatory for all police officials to wear body cameras so that altercations like this will be on film.
Michael Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden was not in attendance at the press conference, but her sorrow was heard and felt by people around the world.
WOTSN continues to pray for the Brown family and the Ferguson community during this tragic time…
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