Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fashion Faves via WellVersedLife

What is that VELVET??! Why yes , it is and we love it !!!! It’s perfect for the holiday season but we just love this look overall . It’s probably not on everyone’s fashion favs but you’ll see us in our velvet . Yup ! More below!

Jacket capes are fairly new . Olivia Pope has been seen in a dressy version but we like the urban style version . It’s again not a pick that everyone will like but it’s different and that’s rare because everyone seems to be working the same stuff .
The Bomber jacket is a must have . The West family ( Ye, Kim & Nori ) made me fall in love with this bomber so now I’m on a search for the perfect olive bomber to add to my closet !
The beanie ….. So many different styles lately …. Adding the veil and Pom Poms has gave the beanie a little more flavor and we love it . What use to be perfect for guys only now it’s big with the ladies and we have made it even cuter . So yes on these cold weather days …. Throw on your cute beanie !
Plaid/Flannel ….. I mean this is always a holiday fav . I’m loving on plaid pants tho . I haven’t owned a pair since high school but I’m going to find me some soon .
Jumpsuits are sexy and fun. Plus you can dress them up with a cute bootie or pump or dress casual and throw on your wheat timbs . And I guess you noticed we are in love with this olive green color . Eeekkk .
Ok and finally , a sexy ass Trench coat . Yasssssss . Now I wouldn’t recommend showing up to your boo house with nothing underneath in this weather but heeyyyyy it would be sexy lol .
P.S . Forever 21 , Swankblue , Garb Boutique , Sorella Boutique , and Pop of Junk for these looks .

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