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#ExclusiveInterview Christian Cordan- Toast @ChristianCordan x @TalkCashKix

This 23 year old singer/songwriter hails all the way from Little Rock, AR. I must need to visit this place because we've posted quite a few talents to Thirty86 from Little Rock! Christian Cordan is a Morehouse man with a degree in Business and he specializes in Contemporary R&B! We had a chance to not only premiere some of his newest music but we briefly chatted with the young king! Check out the interview and his music below!

1. How long have you been pursuing your career and how did you get into music?
I have been pursing a career in music for about two years now, but I have always dreamt of being a well-known and respected artist/entertainer within the industry. Prior to my graduation from Morehouse College I released my first music video independently. Since, I have been working tirelessly towards fulfilling my dream. Ever since my parents bought me my first microphone (it was plastic of course) being in the music industry has always been a dream of mines. I got serious about my pursuit of a career in music when my brother who is now my manager John Isom II took me to the Kitchen Studios in Dallas, Texas for my first studio session about three or four years ago. And my cousin Young Kix who is featured in our soon to be released collaboration EP titled Family First gave me more motivation and inspiration to be an independent artist. These two gave me the influence and resources that I needed to take the initial step in being serious about my music career as well as applying my business degree to the things I do in pursing this career path.

2. Who are some of your musical influences and what about them connected with you?
There are a lot of musicians within many different genres who have influenced the way I look at and listen to music as well as the way I feel about my own music and the message I am trying to get across. But I would have to say my top three musical influences would have to be Michael Jackson, Sade, and Drake. I know Michael Jackson is a cliché answer, but I believe he was a great singer, entertainer, and a great person to model a career path after because his level of success is what I believe every artist should hope to achieve. I also went to school and lived in Gary, Indiana for a short time when I was younger, which is where he was born and where his career began. Sade is a musical influence of mines because while I was living in Gary, Indiana my mother would always play her music in the car or at home. It was something about her smooth sound, melodies, and lyrics that always gave me a good feeling andas I continue to listen to those old songs to this day I always think that I want my music to give people the same feeling. She is an artist I hope I am blessed with the opportunity of working with in the near future. Drake is a musical influence for me because of his innovative style and fearless persona. I know when he began his career in music many people did not believe that he could be success making the type of music that he made because of the way the music industry was and the type of music that was being pushed the most, but through belief in his talents and abilities he became an innovative leader within the music industry and I respect the fact that he kept working hard for what he believed in until he found that one person who gave him the opportunity he needed. I connect with him as an artist because I want the opportunity to bring my own form of innovation to the music industry and to the future supporters of my music and seeing someone who’s style mines is similar too achieve what he has achieve gives me more confidence to pursue my dreams wholeheartedly.

3. Do you feel like attending to college was beneficial to you now? Also the institution you chose, Morehouse, did it help you with your career in any way?
I feel like going to college was very beneficial to me now and will continue to be beneficial to me in my future endeavors. College gave me the unique opportunity to learn about life as well as learn a lot about myself and what I really want out of life. Looking back on my college days I realize that every experience I had good and bad were all laid out to prepare me for what was to come in my life. I believe if I hadn’t gone to college that it would have taken me longer to learn some of the things I learned from being in the environment and experiencing life on my own. I also feel as though I will be able to get more respect as an artist because I have the credentials of a Bachelor in Business Administration under my belt and soon to be Masters in Public Service as well. The main thing I have learned from being in school is the importance of researching and studying your craft because if I’m not learning from every experience for the purpose of growing as an artist and as a purpose then I am wasting my opportunity to grow, be successful, and most importantly my opportunity to teach the next person with big dreams who will need a mentor. Being a student at Morehouse did help me a little bit when I released my first video because it gave me an opportunity to connect with the audience I would be trying to build because it was mostly the people I saw everyday. But it helped me mainly because Morehouse College is located in Atlanta, Georgia, which has been the birthplace for the careers of many great artists past and present. Most importantly it is in my opinion the center of everything that is going on as well as up and coming within the music industry today. And just being in that environment was very motivating and influential for me.

4. What artists, major or underground, would you love to work with?
As far as major artists as I stated earlier I would love to work with Sade as well as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, TGT, Lupe Fiasco, Erykah Badu, B.O.B, Wale, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Nas, the list goes on and on. Underground artists that I would like to work with I would say Phlo Finster, JMSN, Carmen Dash, Lo Thraxx, Lil B, Kottonmouth Jesse, RTMG, TSE, Jae the Lyoness, and 607.

5. What would you like to see happen in 2015 for your career?
In 2015 I would like to continue to take my career to the next level more specifically meeting more influential people within the music industry and writing songs for major artists. I would also like to be blessed to go on tour and perform at bigger venues such as SXSW, Coachella, etc…

6. Is there anything else you'd like the readers and your fans to know?

Family First EP the collaboration EP with me and Young Kix will be available for download and streaming on Datpiff and other music sites within the next few weeks. And my music video for “Toast” directed and edited by me is on YouTube now please watch and share my video. Thank you

Christian Cordan Feat. Young Kix- Toast

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