Thursday, December 18, 2014

50 Cent Seals $78 Million Underwear Deal


50 Cent continues to prove, if you have a baby by him, you will be a millionaire!!!
Mr. G-Unit reveals that he recently sealed a deal with RevolutionWear’s Frigo Underwear for a sum of $78 million. More below!

In true Curtis fashion he gets on Instagram, straight flexin…
I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you muthafuckas do today?
This is his second multi-million deal after his successfully gaining. $500 million with vitaminwater.
RevolutionWear says that TimbalandDerek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony are also representing the brand, shown on the company’s FaceBook page.
Congratulations goes out to 5o Cent on his latest BOSS move!!!

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