Monday, December 8, 2014

Diddy Allegedly Punches Drake In The Mouth For Flirting With Cassie

According to MULTIPLE MTO snitches, Diddy and Drake along with TONS of celebs were at LIV last night in Miami - and it went DOWWWWN!!! We're told that Drake was FLIRTING HEAVY with Diddy's girlfriend Cassie in VIP. Cassie tried to brush him off - but Drake was DRUNK and kept up with his thirstiness. More below!
At one point in the night, Diddy came over to Drake and ASKED HIM NICELY to stop - reminding Drake that Cassie is DIDDY'S GIRLFRIEND and the two are IN LOVE.
The insider explained, "Drake just started LAUGHING when Diddy was talking, like he had no respect. Well later in the night [outisde of LIV] Diddy walked over and punched Drake RIGHT IN THE FACE."
And it was a THUNDEROUS BLOW. We're told that Drake was WOBBLY on his feet . . . and would have fell out if his homies ain't hold him up. One eyewitness told, "It actually looked like Drake was dancing to a YOUNG THUG song lol."
Dang Drake . . . you done tried to F*CK the wrong dudes chick. Diddy don't PLAY THAT MESS.
This is a EXCLUSIVE REPORT. This is NOT rumor - it's FACT . . . we have EYEWITNESSES who saw Diddy CRACK that beige woman-stealer in his eye!!!

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