Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#ExclusiveInterview B.O.Y. [Miami, FL]

Here's a group on the brink of stardom as they prepare for their major label debut by serving the streets with a panty dropping anthem "F*cking You". B.O.Y. hails from South Miami, FL and was formed by multiplatinum producer Tony Galvin who believes they'll be the new generation Jodeci! The Thirty86 staff has caught up with two of the three for an exclusive interview! Get to know B.O.Y. and hear their new single below!

1.Tell us a little bit about the group: Where you come from, how the group came together, and some of the things you've accomplished so far.
That BOY Chad: The group B.O.Y. is a real new school R&B group with a lil bit of "90's baby" swag on it. B.O.Y. Means Bossing up On everything You do.. we  ain't soft singing ...we Gs..and we still make "damn good" music. We from downsouth, Miami Florida & we came together through a mutual producer by the name of Tony Galvin which turned out to be a huge blessing. In my opinion, judging by the series of events, God really brought this group together to do music. We actually knew each other on personal levels, years before we even thought about forming a group. B.O.Y. was able to accomplish dope singles and a "crazy-hot" album which we gon kill the game with.

TRE DIGGZ: Well we're a group of 3 str8 out the struggle addicted to the grind in many ways..we the same.. we're all out of Miami… different parts we came together by Gods plan..had to be..

2. Who and what influences your music?
That BOY Chad: Life experience, good energy, and a dope ass beat influences my music personally. But the vibe that all 3 of us collectively have together is what influences our music the most. 2 heads are always better than 1…and we are 3.
TRE DIGGZ: Well as a child my mom introduced me to the art of Entertainment I remember looking at videos of old school artists like Michael Jackson, Rick James all the way up to  Usher.. . I studied the greats and many different genres of music

3. How is it working with Tony Galvin?
That BOY Chad: Working with Tony Galvin has been a blessing. Tony Galvin is definitely the most the talented producer I met in an extremely long time. I'm not sure if Tony even knows how good his music and his music ideas really sound. He's real tough on us in the studio and that's how we like it. The style of honesty you get from Tony is like no other. Some people might fold under his pressure but all and all he knows what he's talking about. The proof is in the sound of the music. Tone is the man on the keys, the drums, the writings, and the overall perspective of a record. Linking with him was definitely one of my better decisions lol.

TRE DIGGZ: It's an honor to put in work along side my brother he's a hard working gifted vessel designed by the creator himself I'm grateful to have the opportunity

4. Talk about the composition of your single. Who did the production and writing on this?
That BOY Chad: Tony Galvin produced our single and we all came together as a team to put the words down. It usually starts with Tony telling me about a song inspiration/ idea that he has. Tony plays a tune, I start humming, Trey starts singing, Emilio nods and come up with a few words to himself and within moments somebody is hit with a flash of genius and we all love it and that's main "record starter". Seeing that everyone in the room is juiced up on this good music energy, it is not far fetched for everyone in the room to contribute with beyond great ideas. Even the non-musically inclined people that we allow to sit in on our sessions all somehow tend to get plenty of music ideas that they wanna share. Everything flows right in the studio with us because we understand that we are a team.

5. What do you enjoy most about being an artist? 

That BOY Chad: I personally enjoy most about being an artist is writing and producing hit records at an unbelievable rate. I wana be known as a legendary song writer "the boy who can only make hit records". The stage is cool, the fame and females are cool too but I love the studio. I'm addicted to producing records.
TRE DIGGZ: I would say the writing and performing part simply because of my love I have for connecting with people and their everyday situations I just enjoy being able to tap in you know find some type of bond with the crowd

6. What would you like the year 2015 to hold for your careers? 
That BOY Chad: Even though it may sound a bit generic, I honestly want my career, in 2015, to go the way God wants it to go. I truly feel as though I am already satisfied with what I wanted out of this situation, which is to work with a super-producer. We make hit records, hands down. 
TRE DIGGZ: Grace and mercy I could only pray for favor. 
Well you've heard first hand from 2/3 of the crew and I must say I'm see what you think of the tunes! Also follow B.O.Y on Twitter: @Boy305 & @MobGroup 

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