Friday, October 17, 2014

#NewMusic Beeisthefuture- For You @Beeisthefuture

New Orleans, La signing in with Beeisthefuture and his laid back, artistic sound over unique beats. Subject matter and a rhythmic flow is what to look out for when checking out his new project "For You". Songs like "NewDope" touch on subjects such as infidelity while he delivers a cruise track on "GodBody". Learn more about this young bright talent and check out his project below!

Beeisthefuture is a diverse artist looking to change the way we view & listen to music. There's too much of the same things going on & if you've ever wondered if there's a difference out there well this is definitely it! Bee writes & produces his own music with lyrics filled with substance & pure honesty. Artists may be afraid to express some parts of their truth but this one is not. With a sound unlike any other, beeisthefuture wants to inspire people to be themselves & be okay with having emotions and expressing them. Let us know what you think of his new project "For You" below!

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