Monday, October 20, 2014

#NewMusic Podgy Smith- Time Capsule

Former No Limit Records producer Odell of Beats By The Pound/ Medicine Men fame introduce hipster rap artist Podgy Smith. The Atlanta resident originally from Little Rock, AR music puts listeners in the mind of a My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar. Get to know Podgy and take a listen to his new single "Time Capsule" below!

Multiple flow patterns and unorthdox song arrangements best describe the hipster rapper/songwriter Podgy Smith. The Atlanta resident originally from Arkansas loves his home, they are behind me 100%. My family is behind me 100%". Putting out solid music and being myself was the key -Podgy.
 “I’m not worried about who’s the best; I just want to make undeniable music. I’m confident enough in myself not to entertain that". I’ll just let the music speak for itself”-Podgy. With that type of confidence you should expect the music to follow.
In June 2011 he released his 1st official project, “To The Memories”. This project contains raw emotions over opulent production. Shortly after that he released his 2nd project "Get Used To Me" in October 2011. "Get Used To Me" was well received and featured the single “My Roof”; which was in rotation on various urban stations around the southern region along with rotation on MusicChoice. In February 2013 Podgy released his 3rd project titled “Bright Nights and Dark Days:Tears of Gold". This project garnered attention from major media publications such The Fader & Right now Podgy is currently pushing the single "Time Capsule" from the upcoming project "Moments" scheduled for 1st quarter 2015.

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  1. Beat is hard and i like the distortion on his voice #100

  2. Bigmouthben from the ATL wishing you much success with your project!!!!

  3. Yeh I like sounds real good.quality.nice.