Friday, October 24, 2014

#NewVideo Big Mouth Ben- Make It Happen @TheBigMouthBen

It's another great day on the job as we present to you a guy who went from sleeping under a bridge on Auburn Ave in downtown ATL to owning his own business on that very same street! Surviving 20 years of drug abuse, stints of homelessness, and multiple arrests, Big Mouth Ben said enough is enough! He left the drugs behind and became motivated to tell his story and his new outlook on life; to "Make It Happen". Learn more about Bigmouthben and check out his new single below!

 Yo Gotti recently shared the concept that everybody claims to have come from nothing but it's obvious that this guy is being very literal when he says this. So much so that he titled his album "Came From Nothing", released by his own business, Profitable Publishing Company. Ben also owns his own convenience store on the very same street he slept homeless on. The guy rode around on his famous yellow bike selling chips and soda, cleaning windows and parking lots to finance his dreams!

Ben’s love for the younger generation fuels his passion as a rap artist. A phrase that you will hear in most of his songs is –“Bigmouthben love the streets cause the streets love Bigmouthben”

Everyone loves him.  He still jumps on his bike and visits the neighborhoods. Always keeping freebies on his bike for the kids and those less fortunate.  The kids have their own song for Bigmouthben “Bigmouthben got that 50 cent water, 50 cent water, and candy for a quarter”. Ben truly believes that love changes things and he is here to prove it! He hopes to encourage the world with his story and inspirational songs.

Check out Bigmouthben's new video, Make It Happen


  1. I see this dude all the time on Auburn salute brother glad you turned it around!

  2. I met him A3C this year and we exchanged cd gave him our Gangsta Grill and I got his music. Good dude great story amazing!

  3. thanks! I love that Gangsta Grill CD. Thanks Booda Cess

  4. It was great to meet you yesterday. What are the operating hours of your store?